The Horse Loom + Support

Thursday 12th April 2018



The Horse Loom is the name given to the music made by Northumbrian singer and guitarist Steve Malley.

Defiantly DIY from day one, Malley’s work as an electric guitarist in Crane, Four Frame and The Unit Ama shows a man constantly trying to progress and hone his art. It’s his work as a solo guitarist and singer though that is perhaps the most surprising (unless you know him) and the most rewarding. After blasting a Rickenbacker 12 string through enormous amps for 20 years it was quite a surprise when Malley did a ‘reverse Dylan’ and went acoustic.

The results were genuinely remarkable. Instead of the about-turn expected it was if Malley had further reduced and condensed the forward-thinking of his electrified bands into something just as affecting but somehow leaner and sharper at the same time. In a time of many acoustic guitar gymnasts we can say without doubt that Malley’s playing is head and shoulders above them all, transcending technical wizardry and back into the same raw, on-the-edge quality that made us all fans of his electric playing in the first place. Add to that his rich, unaffected voice and lyrical concerns that combine mysticism with a very rooted, earthy reality and you have something unique and special.

Since recording his debut self-titled LP (on Nottingham label Low Point) Malley has also founded the collective The Dark Northumbrian featuring some of the finest musicians in British folk music such as Alasdair Roberts, Lucy Farrell, Cath & Phil Tyler and Mary Hampton. TDN reimagines traditional Northumbrian folk songs, breathing new life into them and re-casting them for the 21st century.

It’d doubtlessly embarrass Malley but he really is the closest to someone like Richard Thompson that the UK DIY punk generation has – able to link together seemingly opposite musical forms into something cohesive every time he tries.

The opportunity for Steve to tour is rare. And it starts here on his (nearly) home turf.

Don’t miss this one!


CEITIDH MAC (Cello) and Will Hammond on Vibraphone and percussion

Ceitidh Mac is a cello player and singer who combines the belly-warming tones of the cello with her voice, producing an original and intriguing sound. Joined by Will Hammond on Vibraphone and percussion, they will be creating an original blend of traditional folk music, as well as their own material using experimental techniques on cello and percussion.



Alix is in the “singer-songwriter” tradition…

And according to Rowan McCabe

“She’s a fascinating musician, with a good knack for writing catchy chord progressions and vocal melodies. Her voice has a captivating soulfulness to it that just grabs you by the ears and pulls your face in her direction.”