Alcohol Fuelled Violence///Symphony LIVE

Saturday 17th February 2018


An audio visual performance of the symphony Alcohol Fuelled Violence.

Created and performed using Logic and Ableton the symphony deals with asperger syndrome, epilepsy, violence in socially deprived areas, NHS surgery, loss and atonement.

The Symphony will also be broadcast LIVE on Facebook.

This event is Free Entry

Crimewave makes music using effects laden guitars to create a sound similar to that of 80/90s shoe gaze bands such as My Bloody Valentine / The Jesus and Mary Chain but incorporates contemporary danceable beats akin to Hudson Mohawke / Aphex Twin.

Now into their tenth year of service, Emergency Librarian produce ingenious electrical entertainment from a blend of primitive electronics, bongos and informative PowerPoint presentations – “like Throbbing Gristle meets Alan Bennett”.

Wreaths makes tape-hiss shrouded, grainy and weathered drone/noise coaxed from bowed mandolin, field recordings, and billowing guitar loops. “Splendidly morose” – Boomkat
Wreaths has released albums via Mekong Delta, Pocket Change Records, and Under The Spire, home to Jasper TX, Zelienople, and Boduf Songs.

This event is Free Entry

Thanks to the Arts Council and National Lottery for their kind support and funding.

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