Benji Kirkpatrick & The Excess

Thursday 12th September 2019


£11 from https://www.wegottickets.com/event/475982?fbclid=IwAR0luzb8bKrePXB3K1VDmbIPljrKRTAUwAeQVir1XDAiNj51GZhTCuWqU4c

Bringing the debut album launch tour to Newcastle! Visit http://bkexcess.co.uk/ and join mailing list to get exclusive tracks and more! Tickets for the Newcastle gig: https://www.wegottickets.com/event/475982

BK and the Excess is Benji Kirkpatrick‘s (Bellowhead, Faustus) new band, a trio whose UK tour starts September 2019, to coincide with the launch of new album Gold Has Worn Away. A roots musician and multi-instrumentalist, Benji was previously in Bellowhead, the band which created the highest selling independent folk album of all time; critically acclaimed by Chris Evans and Mark Radcliffe. Benji’s aim is to bring roots music to the mainstream fusing a range of styles with alt-rock, drawing on the band’s Led Zeppelin and Hendrix influences. The live show will also draw on material from Benji’s critically acclaimed Boomerang album as well as a choice selection from his 2015 release Hendrix Songs.

Gold Has Worn Away is released on Westpark Records in September this year as the tour starts and the band are creating handmade mixtapes of the album for fans “we wanted to remind people of the ways we used to discover music organically, through our friends and mixtapes.” We’ll be giving these away on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BK_Excess so keep an eye out for all our content online.

“In the mainstream music industry, digital music rules and with subscription services it’s pretty much a commodity. We love Spotify and working in the studio, but we come from live roots music backgrounds and our music reflects that. We’re using a range of instruments and musical styles to build sound.”