Boudica Boogaloo Plus Überloon

Friday 16th March 2018


£7/£5 from

Überloon are really pleased to be hosting and performing with Boudica Boogaloo, from the deep south, Bristol! We played with Claire and Nuala down in wales and were blown away by their music and are very excited to be having them play with us here at the legendary Cumberland Arms!

Boudica Boogaloo
Three Sweet old gals, three part harmonies, three stomping strings and an old time good time! The mighty Nuala Honan songstress extraordinaire and lover of old-time Americana, sure knows how to kick up the dust with a buck and a wing, and likewise Laura ‘Glowglobes’ Pocket and Claire Northey. The Bristol trio go straight to the heart of Americana roots and promise a sound of the south worthy of a singalong, so make to join then on the dance floor!

Überloon’s Breathtakingly smashing,outstandingly musical, humorously poking and lovingly presented, music will be raining down in support of the wondrous trio from Bristol. Pools of piano mingled with staccato accordion and infectious percussion form around vocals that sound like a cross between Damo suzuki and Thom Yorke. “Truly the embodiment of Leftfield” NARCmagazine.