Endless Window #23: Human Tooth, New Horror, Mayshe Mayshe & Massa Confusa

Friday 21st July 2017



For this month’s installment of Endless Window, we have a stacked-to-the-rafters assortment of thrilling new talent and old friends returning that we think you’re going to love. Here’s the details you need to know…


Human Tooth
Featuring past and current members of acts including Acrobatic Society, Young Liar, Holy Mammoth, Eat Fast and other luminaries, Human Tooth boast a remarkable pedigree. Having already dazzled with their debut single Undo Drag and Live shows with the like of Spectres, we’re delighted to be bringing their energetic, ferocious live show to The Cumberland Arms this July.

New Horror
This prolific and intense band have already made their mark on the circuit with the oblique, damaged fuzz-pop of last years’ debut album Fruitless Search. With an expanded line-up now in place the new music arriving imminently, now’s the perfect time to get on board with New Horror.

Mayshe Mayshe
Self-described as ‘Electro-Yoni-Pop’, Leeds-based songwrited and musician Mayshe Mayshe produces minimal and powerful synth hymnals that aim direct for the heart. We’re pretty certain that all you Endless window fans out there are going to adore this set.

Massa Confusa [SOLO] One of the busiest voices in the circuit is moving away: with the duo formation of Massa Confusa entering a hiatus, we’re delighted that main man Ally Morton agreed to do a special solo Massa Confusa set as his final UK show before a move to Spain. Expect industrial – grade riffs and drum machines, married to a distinctly punk aesthetic and unmistakable pop song craft.

PLUS: Endless Window DJ after the live acts unitl late, playing….