Endless Window #30 Nano Kino, N/\L/\, Fret!, Late Girl

Saturday 10th March 2018



For the thirtieth – yes, thirtieth! – edition of our regular showcase evenings, we’re delighted to bring you a selection of favourites old and new for what will be, as ever, a night that celebrates eclecticism, idiosyncrasy and underground talent. Want to know the full score? Then just scroll on below…

Nano Kino
Having played some of our earliest shows back in 2015, we’re delighted to welcome Nano Kino back to Endless Window after a long live hiatus. Boasting influences from bands like Stereolab, Life Without Buildings and Cocteau Twins, their previous recordings and shows showed a quartet with a mastery of atmospheric but forceful dream pop – after a while away, it’s a pleasure to have them back.

N /\ L /\
Already making waves in the Leeds music scene, N/\L/\’s brings a dark, intense take on electronic music that still retains a vital, sparkling pop core. With last year’s EP1 introducing the world to her ‘sad dance’, we’re delighted to welcome her to Endless Window ahead of further releases due later in 2018.

Featuring Cath Tyler, Steve Strode and Rob Woodcock, Fret! have built a cult national following for their intelligent and brawny sound, encompassing moments of Am Rep noise, chaotic post-punk and classic surf melodies. Their 2017 debut album Through The Wound The Light Comes In is an essential listen for an fuzz rock devotees, and we’re sure their ever-engaging live show will delight you all.

Late Girl
Employing electroacoustic composition, warped samples and lo-fi beats with a streak of sharp, surreal humour, Late Girl’s music defies easy categorisation. This is a curious joy that has to be heard to be understood: in other words, exactly what we look for at Endless Window.

Plus the Endless Window DJ after the live acts. £5 on the door, 7:30pm until late.