EW #29: Archipelago, Waskerley Way & Luna del Cazador

Friday 16th February 2018



Sticking to our aim of bringing you the most eclectic and exciting bills in town, we’ve got a truly special bill in store for you this February at Endless Window. Want to know the score? Then just read on…

Bursting past all genre constrictions and restraints, the remarkable Archipelago have quickly built a national reputation as a truly special and innovative live unit. Led by Faye MacCalman (saxophone and clarinet) and completed by John Pope (bass) and Christian Alderson (percussion), Archipelago’s combination of jazz intricacy, garage rock intensity and indefinable improvisational brilliance makes for a show like no other. Having amazed audiences across the county in 2017, it’s a treat to be able to be able to present Archipelago to the Endless Window crowd.

Waskerley Way
A long time favourite of ours at Endless Window, Waskerley Way’s unique combination of hip-hop production, synth pop bona fides and electronic experimentation has been hailed by The Quietus as “a blend of Northeastern greenery, greying urban decay, and a sort of locomotive beat, similar to the vintage synth-driven rural propulsion of Pye Corner Audio and the Ghost Box sect.” With a new tape set for release in 2018, we can’t wait to see what the Wask has in store for us this time.

Luna Del Cazador
A truly eclectic act even for Endless Window, Luna del Cazador enchanted audiences at last year’s TUSK Festival with their mixture of droning folk melody, noisy loops, post-metal surges and choral vocals. Beautiful and terrifying in equal measure, the work of Jarboe provides one possible reference point, but this band truly has to be experienced to be understood.

Plus the Endless Window DJ after the live acts. £5 on the door, 7:30pm until late.