Fixed Odds Betting Terminals // Cannabis Farms // Wind Farms

Friday 13th March 2020



Audio visual performances of orchestral music created using cut-ups, loops and layers of public domain classical pieces. Three new pieces of music which cover stories and subjects from former mining communities that have been left behind and are struggling through a ‘downturn’.

With support from + Worry Party + Black Middens + wreaths

£3.50 OTD

The orchestration is stripped back, using only the piano to challenge the very limits of the composer’s techniques, reflecting the isolation of the individual and the single player nature of the central theme. Fixed Odds Betting Terminals have been described as the crack cocaine of gambling and the piece combines Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Albéniz to portray a world where vaulting and cascading rhythms meet with shadowy intent.

Using a typical theme within classical music of ‘nature’, Cannabis Farms were chosen to represent this theme after reading a local free newspaper front page story detailing police raids on a sizeable number of cannabis farms in the area. An observational piece on nature’s corruption the music deftly integrates pieces from Ravel, Beethoven and Prokofiev as it explores the dark spaces where nature slips effortlessly into humanity’s noose. The innocence and beauty of the plant fulfilling its nature by simply growing is juxtaposed with the manipulation and exploitation of that plant at the hands of people for both criminal and leisure activities. The accompanying video is filmed on streets where Cannabis Farms were raided.

WIND FARMS//Sinfonietta
Tackling another typical theme within classical music which describes a notable ‘landmark’, Wind Farms were chosen because of their predominance in the locality. This ominous piece touches on the destructive power of nature as it’s transformed into positive raw energy. Created only using wind instrumentation from pieces by JS Bach, Elgar and Holst among others, the visuals take inspiration from the local surroundings in Ashington and Northumberland, humanising a global endeavour.



An ambient indie four piece, with their roots in the North of England. They create texture and movement from subtle guitars and keys – sometimes jarringly set against bold percussion and home-made samples. Punctuated with stillness and simplicity, their songs settle somewhere on the spectrum between Purity Ring and early Death Cab, with traditional instrumentation woven between layers of melodic drones. Their debut EP ‘Souvenirs’ was released on April 20th, 2019.”


Bleak synthetic medievalism. Modal synth & dulcimer rituals conjuring bleary-eyed vistas of mud-splattered feudal grind. Rough-hewn furniture music for the New Dark Age.


Wreaths has been making experimental drone music for a number of years which takes it inspiration for the Northumbrian landscape and coast.
The album ‘The Sea To Which The Body Is Drawn’ was recently released on inverted grim mill recordings. Washes of coastal drones and tones using bowed mandolin alongside manipulated field recordings and decaying equipment.


This event has been made possible through kind support from The Arts Council England Lottery Fund.