Jez Kerr and Eric Random

Saturday 25th February 2017


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Jez Kerr:
Manchester legend, bassist and vocalist from A Certain Ratio; one of the cornerstones of Manchester music. His first solo single Play Something Fast was critically acclaimed by the music press and has received national airplay on BBC 6 Music and Radio 2. This was followed up by his solo album Numb Mouth Eat Waste which received 5 star reviews in Q magazine, Mojo magazine and The Guardian newspaper.

Eric Random:
A key figure in the experimental, post punk Manchester music scene, Eric began by forming the rather short lived, now legendary Tiller Boys, whose name is still seen today on the iconic Factory poster which was designed by Peter Saville!
Then in the early eighties, and working under the name Eric Random he received recognition not only for a number of album and single releases of his own, on labels such as New Hormones, Double Vision and Les Disque du Crepuscule but also for his numerous collaborations with the likes of Cabaret Voltaire and with Nico from the [Velvet Underground] with whom he worked with for almost seven years!
Eric is recording and performing work more akin to his electronic roots, with last years release of Man Dog and a new album Words Made Flesh, both released by Viennese post punk imprint Klanggalerie.