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NiF Double-Bill: Spontaneous Wrecks + Suggs & Pippa Evans

Sunday 28th July 2019


£8 from https://bookwhen.com/newcastleimprovfestival/e/ev-syuq-20190728185500?fbclid=IwAR3aFDcvwvM9B1FIfFx7vaGHN1cCjhQGoOpFMSRpWK05ve5qsjlIEYb__yc

A fantastic double-bill of Improvised comedy, theatre and music.

Spontaneous Wrecks Presents Greatest Hits and Missus!

Local Improv troupe Spontaneous Wrecks present fast paced, genre themed comedy with their unique set of improv games and sketches. ‘Gag of Thrones’ is a must see.

Newcastle Improv Festival Presents Suggestibles Special with Pippa Evans!

The Suggestibles welcome guest star Pippa Evans, of Oliver Award winning improv musical Showstoppers! to produce a very special show. It will be dramatic. It will tell stories. It will be funny. It will be musical. It will be unique. And it will be something brilliant!

Age Recommendation: Adults / 14+