Discover just how easy it can be to create songs from nothing by connecting with emotion. Ian McLaughlin and amazing improv pianist Jenni Winter will help take the fear from finding the rhythm and the rhymes by keeping things simple, and enjoying a sense of play in making up songs on the spot. You will leave with joy-in-your-heart and a skip-in-your-step.

Ian is co-director of Newcastle Improv Festival, The Suggestibles and The Suggestibles’ School of Improv. In his 30 years as an improviser working with pioneering companies such as the Comedy Store Players, Improbable Theatre and Spontaneous Combustion, for ten of them, Ian was a member of the Impro Musical company – the world’s very first improvised musical and first ever improv show to play a West End theatre, going on to be renamed the Bootleg Broadway Show for series on ITV and BBC Radio 4 – so he has a lot to share!

*This workshop is suitable for adults with prior improv training or improv performance experience. You don’t need to be a singer! All you need to bring is a little bit of courage and a bottle of water. *

You can catch Ian performing tonight, and both Ian and Jenni tomorrow in musical comedy mode with the Suggestibles at the Cumberland Arms, and next Friday and Saturday at Alphabetti Theatre.