Rhyming God! A performance by Adrin Neatrour

Tuesday 23rd January 2018


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Rhyming God
the songs of Zarathustra and Job
Rhyming God ! A performance by Adrin Neatrour

Riddle me riddle me riddle me ree
Job and Nietzsche rhyming god
answer the riddle then you’re free
tell me if god’s alive or not!

In other words dear audience the riddle is as much yours as mine. Be warned!

“God is dead!” Across the centuries Nietzsche calls out to human kind to embrace its destiny.

A dance of anguish and elation far removed from the arrogance of contemporary atheists such as Richard Dawkins.

A call closer in spirit to the cry of Job the mysterious old testament figure who binds fear of god into the body and soul of life.

Rhyming God sets the riddle of God: God dead? God alive? What God? God What?

Adrin Neatrour uses text and movement to probe the ideas of writers such as Kafka and Dostoevsky, whose work points up the human comedy in the modern era.
Peter Mortimer writes in the British Theatre Guide:
On a bare stage and with only the set of stepladders as a prop, Neatrour twists himself into all manner of metaphysical situations…. the stylized movement at times reminiscent of silent movies.