The Flyting + Peach/Skeoch

Thursday 17th August 2017



The Flyting are an exciting new folk band steeped in the rich musical traditions of Scotland and Ireland. Their captivating sound weaves together powerful ballads, savage instrumental sets, contemplative slow airs and self-penned material.

Having met on the Newcastle Traditional Music session scene in 2003, fiddler Shona Mooney and Belfast accordionist Sean O’Kane formed the Flyting in 2017 alongside Scots singer Amy Leach and Highland guitarist Alasdair Paul. Staying true to their roots whilst highlighting common threads between their cultures the group unleash their unique, feisty and innovative approach.
The soaring fiddle of Shona Mooney, dancing rhythms of accordionist Sean O’Kane alongside the extraordinary emerging Scots singer and accompanists Amy Leach and Alasdair Paul.
Expect to be swept away on an incredible musical adventure with enthralling songs, dynamic tunes, captivating tales, perhaps some tirades and, without a doubt, lots of fun.

Peach/Skeoch is the imaginatively named, brand spanking new Scottish accordion/harp duo of Tannara members: Joseph Peach and Becca Skeoch.
The project is an outlet for all sorts of crazy. Like mischievous siblings, the duo push each other, egging each other on, making themselves, their instruments and their music form new ways of working together and create exciting new sounds.
Peach/Skeoch are an audience’s delight. It’s a rare instrumental combination, powered by two distinctive musicians that creates something, the likes of which you’ll never have heard before.