The Tea Pad Presents…Iain Morrison & Michael Chorney

Friday 13th January 2017


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“Sonically experimental and musically evocative. Dark, haunting and sublime.”

“Iain Morrison is from the Outer Hebrides and his atmospheric songs are awash with the bleak beauty of the region. A remarkable slice of rural folk” – R2 Magazine

Iain and Michael met in 2011 at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow during their work on Anaïs Mitchell’s ‘Hadestown’ folk opera. Iain was in the cast of the show, Michael was directing. As a result of this musical collaboration Iain’s 2012 album ‘To the Horizon, Sir’ was produced by Michael and recorded at his studio in Vermont.

Iain Morrison has been gaining recognition and praise for his latest album ‘Eas’, a collection of songs that are based around piobaireachd, the classical music of the pipes. ‘Eas’ was named Album of the Year 2015 on BBC Radio Scotland’s Roddy Hart Show and listed in the Top 20 of the SAY Awards in June 2016. His Indie/Folk albums bring together both the traditional & contemporary influences that have been present through his musical journey and demonstrate why he is considered to be one of Scotland’s most imaginative songwriters.

‘The orchestrations, by Michael Chorney are simultaneously rich and spare, deflty echoing the sounds of traditional folk music while also having an indie-pop flair’. – New York Times

Michael Chorney has recently finished a long stint of playing in & directing the ‘Hadestown’ show in New York. He is an arranger, orchestrator, guitarist, composer and producer. His production credits and musical arrangements can be found on numerous albums including Anaïs Mitchell, Maryse Smith, Iain Morrison, Hollar General, Orchid, ViperHouse, Magic City (Sun Ra), Seven Deadly Sins (Kurt Weill) and duets by Miriam and Bernado (Paul Bowles). He is two-time recipient of the Vermont Arts Council Fellowship.