Vic Godard

Friday 8th December 2017


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It had to happen……Unbelievable it hasn’t before…..The stars have fortuitously aligned and playing together for the FIRST TIME are……




…OUT THERE with the likes of…




“I fell totally into that thing Vic Godard said ‘We oppose All Rock N Roll’, avoid all these clichés”

Lawrence, Felt (Mojo Magazine, May 2012)


“Whenever Godard adopted a style it became a genre and when it became a genre … he did something else” (The Daily Telegraph, London)


Vic Godard is a vocalist, Subway Sect frontman, songwriter and (retired) postman.


Vic and Subway Sect make a welcome return to The Cumberland Arms for what promises to be the 6th memorable ‘Children of Godard’ night in Newcastle; as always, celebrating the influenced and influences of “the greatest living Englishman”, Vic Godard.




Forever changing, consistently unique yet, always somehow the same, the Band Of Holy Joy began life as gutter chansoniers using junk shop instruments to propagate a brute romantic madly literate form of dispossessed urban folk music.


Since then the band have scaled a few heights fallen down in one or two gutters, broken up, glued themselves together, toured the world, released a fair few albums for the likes of Rough Trade and fully explored other media by presenting two audio visual song plays: Troubled Sleep at the Shunt Theatre in London 2008 and an Invocation for William Burroughs at the Sorbonne Paris in 2009. They have set up their own label and Internet radio station Radio Joy.


These days the junk shop instruments of old are long gone, and guitars, violins and visuals very much to the fore. But the band continues to write about the same outsider concerns with the same measure of spirit and care and man, they still put on a show.


The Band of Holy Joy – forever changing, consistently unique, always the same. Join the adventure as they pass through your town.


+ special guest QUARTERLIGHT


Gary Chaplin co-founded Penetration in 1976 and played throughout 1977, leaving to find new sounds which eventually came through his bands Rhythm Clicks and Soul on Ice releasing vinyl with both.


Leaving the music business to concentrate elsewhere, Gary returned a few years ago with the new moniker Quarterlight.


After various line ups and solo performances, the band now includes Terry Knox, former member of Urban Warriors amongst others existing in the late 70s/early 80s. Ever busy in other bands Zombie Punk Squad and Segedunum Rust, Terry is also a respected artist.


Rich Dee was also active in the late 70s/early 80s most notably with Kant Kino and later Punching Holes with Punishment of Luxury’s Brian Bond.


Trevor Johnson was also active in punk bands in the early ‘80s, none worth mentioning. More recently hosting radio programme ANOTHER MUSIC IN A DIFFERENT KITCHEN and co filming a documentary film with Gary, interviewing various artists both local and relatively well known, discussing their connection with music.


Quarterlight is a combination of experience and attitude that retains the spirit of ‘76 with the sound of nowhere in particular!


+ special guest MC/DJs



tickets available at Beatdown, Reflex and RPM.