Village Carols Workshop led by Ian Russell

Monday 14th November 2016



Village Carols Workshop led by Ian Russell
Carols from South Yorkshire and Derbyshire

Participants will be helped to learn the singing parts of eight favourite carols from this tradition with reference also to carols sung in the North East.
No special expertise is required, just enthusiasm for the carols and a willingness to join in.
Carols will be pitched within the normal range (as in pubs where these traditions thrive).
Instrumentalists will be able to learn to play the accompaniments in parts (string/woodwind/free reed), based on the manuscripts used by the village carol bands. These are taken from The Sheffield & Derbyshire Books of Village Carols edited and specially prepared by Ian Russell.
Words and music will be provided

Ian Russell is Emeritus Professor at the University of Aberdeen where he was former Director of the Elphinstone Institute (1999 – 2014). Since 1969 he has conducted extreme fieldwork into singing traditions in the english Pennines, especially Christmas carolling. He has written widely and directed many workshops. He founded and directs the biennial Festival of Village Carols (Sheffield), and is President of the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention.

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