We have a great variety of music and entertainment on over the year. There are the regular sessions in the back room, great range of gigs from acoustic to rock and everything else in between, comedy, spoken word nights and theatre upstairs.

Event Hire

The Cumberland is a great place for gigs as well as other events like comedy and poetry. If you would like to put on your own event then you can hire the venue for:
Prices as of 1st July 2018

£140 including PA and Sound Technician. We ask for a £60 (incl. VAT £50 without) non-refundable deposit, with the remaining £80 paid directly to the sound technician on the evening.

Private Hire

The Cumberland venue is available to hire for everything from parties to weddings and anything in between. We like to help in any way we can so if you want extras like decorations, food, help with entertainment and other lovely stuff then please email us to have a chat about what you want, especially if it’s for a special occasion. Aside from that the basic costs are:

Prices as of 1st July 2018

From £140 non refundable deposit. PLUS £70 on top of this if you would like the PA set up for live music or DJs.

Please click here to email for more information and to arrange a meeting with a manager.

Buffet Options

Below are the buffets that are available for private parties, meetings and get togethers at The Cumberland Arms.

The lists and prices below are just guidelines. If there is anything you would like but do not see; you have less that 30 people, special dietary needs etc please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate all pockets and persuasions no matter how large or small.

All Buffets are vegetarian unless specifically stated otherwise

Lebanese Buffet
£165 for 30 people

flat breads
5 bean salad
pomegranate, herb and feta salad
mint and cucumber yoghurt
cous cous salad with orange, date and pistachios
mixed leaf salad

Standard Traditional Buffet
£120 for 30 people

cheese and pineapple sticks
sausage rolls

Artisan Buffet
£180 for 30 people

cheese board
green salad
locally baked artisan bread
dips, pickles and chutneys

One Pot Wonder Buffet
£120 for 30 people

one pan of goodness, chilli/stew/curry plus accompaniments
crusty bread and butter
green salad

Warning: this buffet is self service so there will be hot service equipment out in the room.

Salad Buffet
£210 for 30 people

Ham Joint/ Sausages/ Cheese boards
Selection of homemade salads;
Green Bean                           Potato Salad
Italian Tomato                       Roasted Cauliflower & Raisin
Mexican Rice                        Couscous with orange, dates and pistachio
Italian Cauliflower                  Coleslaw
Crusty bread and butter

Rounds of sandwiches and bar snacks are also available, prices on request

Technical Specifications

The following is a list of the equipment we have available.

TOPS: JBL MRX 515 15″ Passive Speakers
BASS BINS: JBL MRX518S 18″ Passive Subwoofers

BASS AMP: Peavey PV3800 Amp
TOP AMP: Peavey PV-2600 Amp
CROSSOVER: DBX 223XL Crossover
LIMITER: DBX 266XL Limiter
(All housed in a: Gator 6U Rolling Rack)

2x Rcf art322 powered
1x Carlsbro pm12 powered

DESK: Allen and Heath MixWizard WZ3 16:2

TC Electronic M300 effects

BehringerFBQ3102 EQ

DBX 231 Graphic EQ
2x Behringer MDX1600 Compressor
1x Behringer Multigate

1xShure Beta 52
5xShure SM57
7xShure SM58
6x Active DI box

House: Dimable House Lighting
Stage: 3 x 650 Fresnels
6 LED Cans

To supplement this equipment the venue has a healthy selection of microphones (SM57’s, SM58’s & kickdrum) microphone stands, DI boxes and all cables required to facilitate most gigs booked for this venue.

Please email in advance if you have any queries about this equipment or need to add equipment for your specific requirements.